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Corneal Diseases

Corneal diseases are those conditions affecting the eye’s outermost transparent layer.

They most common corneal disorders include:

Infectious Diseases:

Bacterial, viral keratitis (adenovirus, herpes virus) and fungal infections
Corneal ulcers
Trauma and wounds

Degenerative conditions:

Eye surface disorders:

Dry eye syndrome.

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Síndromes maculares:
Degeneración macular:

Because the cornea is the most outermost transparent layer of the eye, at the same time, it is extremely sensitive.

The cornea is therefore directly exposed to the environment; anything affecting the cornea may affect its transparency, leading to potential permanent visual impairment, and may cause severe pain.

Following methods are available:

Slit lamp biomicroscopy
Ultrasonic biomicroscopy
Endothelial Microscopy
Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Ultrasonic pachymetry
Computer topography

A wide range of treatments, depending on the specific pathology are available:

Pharmacological treatment with eye drops and ointments
Treatment of dry eye with artificial tears, oral medication, autologous serum, lacrimal implants.
Surgical treatments:
Pterygium surgery with antimetabilites and / or autologous conjunctival grafting.
Treatment of keratoconus with special contact lenses collagen crosslinking and / or Intracorneal rings
Treatment of corneal scar tissue with Excimer Laser
Full / Partial thickness corneal transplantation.
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