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In order to avoid long waiting times at our practice, we work exclusively with pre-booked appointments. Our front desk collaborators manage and organize all appointments; please feel free to clarify with them any queries prior to your consultation, they are very efficient and are also subject to medical professional secrecy, so confidentiality is assured.

You can ask for an appointment by 3 ways:

Please, fill in this form

(+34) 96 642 6226

Call center hours:
Monday to Friday, from 10-14h

Ask for an appointment.
We will confirm you date and time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Appointments


Of course, we treat eye emergencies without previous booking, but they must be notified by phone before coming.

If given the situation that we could not treat your emergency in a reasonable time, we would refer you to another eye specialist in the area.

Your visit

The exploration of visual function and the eye examination is complex and requires significantly more time than in the case of other medical specialties. A complete examination usually means a time investment between 1-2 hours and includes:

  • Personal data collection.
  • Personal data collection.
  • Exploration of visual function and eye motility
  • Exploration of the anterior segment of the eye
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure
  • Exploration of the fundus (background of the eye)

Pupil dilation with special eye drops is necessary for fundus exploration. Afterwards patient´s vision will be limited and driving may not be possible for a couple of hours. We recommend you to either have someone who can drive you back home, or you planning enough time to recover before driving again.

If your particular problem requires more than one visit, additional tests or a special monitoring, we will organize successive appointments according to your needs.

As every patient and every case is different, an exact time schedule can sometimes be difficult to be kept and we can’t always avoid some delay. Please have understanding about it, consider that any of us may one day be the cause of a delay at a doctor’s practice.

What should I remember for my appointment?

  • Plan enough time
  • Documents required:
    • ID card / Passport
    • Health insurance card (see section)
    • Your most recent glasses
    • List of diseases and previous interventions (general and ocular)
    • List of allergies
    • List of your current medications (general and ocular)
    • Contact lenses: if you are a contact lens user, bring your lenses, but do not wear them in the previous 48 hours.

What if I can’t keep my appointment?

In such a case, we urge you to notify us well in advance, so that we can facilitate your appointment to someone else that may need it.


Any medical services will be paid on the spot, either by cash, credit card or insurance card health.

In case an eye surgery is needed, payment options will be arranged previously.

Coming from far away? We can help you

If you are visiting us from far away and need to stay in a hotel near our location, just tell us so whenever doing your appointment reservation, we’ll be pleased in helping you.